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Oil Change, Tune-ups, Belts, Hoses, Wipers and Fluid Flush

Maintenance is key to prevent major repairs. Oil and fluid changes have never been so critical. Vehicles today are made out of lighter metals and run hotter. Fluids breaks down more rapidly and need to be replaced. Factory specific fluids are very important and vary from vehicle to vehicle. Our technicians make sure that correct quantity and type of fluid is installed to get the full life efficiency for your vehicle.

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  • 5 Quart Oil Change
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Eco-Friendly Green Oil Change
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Air-conditioning Charge
  • Transmission Flush
  • Radiator Flush
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush
  • Domestic Front Brakes (2)
  • Domestic Rear Brakes (2)
  • Domestic Brakes All 4 Wheels
  • Import Auto Brakes
  • Front Wheel Alignment
  • Four Wheel Alignment
  • Engine Light Code Retrieval
  • Complete Tune-up

Manufacturer's Scheduled Maintenance

By maintaining the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance your vehicle will run longer, safer, save you on costly repairs and provide fuel economy. Come in today and our team will provide you with a recommended manufacturer's scheduled maintenance plan for your vehicle.

Oil, Lube and Filter

Vehicles depend on new oil and oil filters to operate efficiently. Oil should be full, clean and not burnt. Oil or Synthetic Oil can minimize the damage from moving engine parts rubbing. Increasing your car's engine efficiency and increasing your engine's life can be done by keeping a regular oil change schedule.

Fluid Flush and Replacement

Radiator, automatic transmission, transfer case, power steering and rear differential fluid fush is essential in todays safisticated cars, trucks and SUVs. For your vehicle to operate effectively you need to keep your fluids full and clean from particles. Upon routine maintenance these fluids should be checked and changed to keep them from burning and building up debris. The potential of expanding your vehicles life is dependent on routine maintenance and fluid changes.

Belts and Hoses

Belts eventually wear and break over time causing slippage or become slack causing it not to function correctly. Extreme temperatures and long years of use will cause hoses to glaze and split this damage may cause fluid to drip from engine and cause damage to engine parts. we will check these hoses and belts during your regularly scheduled oil changes to help prevent these usual breakdown causes.

Tune-ups - Performance Improvements

Engine parts are susceptible to deterioration reducing the life of your vehicle, manufacturers regularly scheduled tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle. we offer quality tune ups and other multiple auto repair services.

Hybrid Vehicle Service

Winterizing Car

Coolant Check - Winter is here. Time to check the anti-freeze

Tire Check - Tires that are unevenly worn or out of balance can cause a car to pull

Inspect 4 Wheel Drive - Verify your all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive system in functioning

Battery Check - Cold temperatures can reduce the battery's life.

Questions on why

Power Loss - Is you car hesitating?

Vibrations - Squealing or grinding sounds?

Poor Gas Mileage - Vehicle not as peppy, feels slower?

Engine Sounds - Engine knocks, pings or squeals?

Do You Smell Something?

Burnt Rubber - Slipping drive belts or loose hoses rubbing

Burning Carpet - May be a sign of brake trouble

Rotten Eggs - Could mean the catalytic converter problems

Syrup - Most likely your leaking engine coolant

Professional Car Truck Maintenance
From oil changes, radiator and transmission flush to complete tune-ups in Lowell, MA
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